• 3D

    The Yarn Barn

    Hi! Here, I share with you an exercise in 3D I made with two other classmates, while I studied at my art school. We had to build a character and a background using the tools of haberdashery. All of that on 3dsMax. The aim of that project, it was to improve ourselves and try to manage the software correctly. I…

  • Models

    The magic tree

    I made this model’s test for a professional in stop motion who wanted to try different harmonies in a magic forest. I hope you like it!

  • Paintings

    The front of the restaurant

    During a painting class, the teacher asked us as a painting exercise ” a façade “, any one of them. I chose the façade of an Alsatian restaurant because I really like the architecture of this region (the houses with wooden beams) I hope you like it!

  • Paintings

    Reproductions of paintings

    While I was studying at my Art school in Lyon, a teacher asked us to do an exercise : reproduce a painting of our choice. I decided to do several to improve myself. I hope you like it!